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Selecting your rate center . . .

In this step of the ordering process, you must select the rate center for the previously-specified address. Since the system may not return your desired rate center automatically, you can also search for the appropriate rate center by Name, Abbreviation and LATA (separated by a comma), NPA and NXX (the area code and first 3-digits of the phone number), and Region. See below for detailed information on the search parameters and results:

Search types:

Name - typically, this is the name of the city associated with the rate center. You can enter all or part of the name to search . . .

AbbreviationLata - a combination of the rate center abbreviation and the LATA code, separated by a comma (with no space). A LATA code denotes the region that is considered local for a phone number, meaning anyone calling from that number can call anywhere within the same LATA at no additional cost.

NpaNxx – search by the area code and first three digits of the phone number, with no space or comma between . . .

Region - the area that contains the rate center. This is typically a state or province . . .

Search results:

Name – displays the name of the rate center

Abbreviation – shows the abbreviation of the rate center’s name

Region – lists the region in which the rate center is contained

LATA – returns the LATA code associated with the rate center

Market – the market for a rate center is typically the nearest major area of population

Click the 'Select' link for your desired rate center to continue with your order . . .

Screen view - Rate Center Selection:

Rate Center Selection - screen 3

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